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  • ​High flux membranes, based on self-assembled and H-bond linked triblock copolymer nanospheres
    Burhannudin Sutisnaa, Valentina Musteata, Bruno Pulido, Tiara Puspasari, Detlef-M. Smilgies, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Suzana P. Nunes
    Journal of Membrane Science 585, 10 (2019)
High flux membranes, self-assembly, H-bond, triblockcopolymer
  • ​Self-Organization and Flow of Low-Functionality Telechelic Star Polymers with Varying Attraction
    Esmaeel Moghimi, Iurii Chubak, Antonia Statt, Michael P. Howard, Dimitra Founta, George Polymeropoulos, Konstantinos Ntetsikas, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos, Christos N. Likos and Dimitris Vlassopoulos
    ACS Macro Lett. 8, 766 (2019)
Self-Organization, telechelic star polymers, soft patchy particle
  • ​2-Azaallyl Anion Initiated Ring-Opening Polymerization of N-Sulfonyl Aziridines: One-Pot Synthesis of Primary Amine-Ended Telechelic Polyaziridines
    Ying Wang, Ruhan Yang, Wenyi Luo, Zhunxuan Li, Zhen Zhang, Chuande Wu, Nikos Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules 52, 3888 (2019)
Anion Initiated Ring-Opening Polymerization, Aziridines, One-Pot Synthesis, Telechelic Polyaziridines
  • Fast and Complete Neutralization of Thiocarbonylthio Compounds Using Trialkylborane and Oxygen: Application to Their Removal from RAFT-Synthesized Polymers
    Prakash Alagi, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Yves Gnanou and Xiaoshuang Feng
    ACS Macro Lett. 8, 664 (2019)

Thiocarbonylthio, trialkylborane, oxygen, RAFT-synthesized polymers
  • ​Tetraphenylethene-Functionalized Polyethylene-Based Polymers with Aggregation-Induced Emission

    Yu Jiang and Nikos Hadjichristidis

    Macromolecules, 52, 1955, (2019)
tetraphenylethene (TPE)-functionalized polyethylene, hydroboration, polyhomologation
  • ​Terpolymers from Borane-Initiated Copolymerization of TriphenylArsonium and Sulfoxonium Ylides: An Unexpected Light Emission

    De Wang and Nikos Hadjichristidis

    Angew. Chem. 131, 1, (2019)
Terpolymers, Borane-Initiated Copolymerization, TriphenylArsonium, Unexpected Light Emission
  • ​Carboxylate Salts as Ideal Initiators for the Metal-Free Copolymerization of CO2 with Epoxides: Synthesis of Well-Defined Polycarbonates Diols and Polyols

    Naganath G. Patil, Senthil K. Boopathi, Prakash Alagi, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Yves Gnanou, and Xiaoshuang Feng

    Macromolecules 52, 2431, (2019)
ideal difunctionalinitiator, copolymerization of carbon dioxide, propylene oxide, ω-hydroxyl-polycarbonates
  • ​Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Polymethylene-Based Block Copolymers and Terpolymers

    George Zapsas, Yogesh Patil, Panayiotis Bilalis, Yves Gnanou, and Nikos Hadjichristidis

    Macromolecules, 52, 1976, (2019)
poly(vinylidenefluoride), polymethylene, triblock terpolymers, polyhomologation, atom transfer radical polymerizatio
  • ​Determining the Dilution Exponent for Entangled 1,4-Polybutadienes Using Blends of Near-Monodisperse Star with Unentangled, Low Molecular Weight Linear Polymers

    Ryan Hall, Beom-Goo Kang, Sanghoon Lee, Taihyun Chang, David C. Venerus, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Jimmy Mays, and Ronald G. Larson

    Macromolecules 52, 1757 (2019)
dilution exponent, entangled polymers, terminal crossover frequency, linear rheology, star polymer
  • ​Ultrafast Phosphazene-Promoted Controlled Anionic Polymerization of Styrenic Monomers

    Konstantinos Ntetsikas, George Polymeropoulos, George Zapsas, Panayiotis Bilalis, Yves Gnanou, Nikos Hadjichristidis

    Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry 57, 456 (2019)
anionic polymerization; block copolymers; phospha-zene superbases; seeding; styrenic monomers
  • Direct access to poly(glycidyl azide) and its copolymers through anionic (co-)polymerization of glycidyl azide

    Senthil K. Boopathi, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Yves Gnanou and Xiaoshuang Feng

    Nature Communications, 10, 293 (2019)
Glycidyl azide polymer, anionic ring-opening polymerization, onium salts, triethyl borane, click chemistry
  • ​Macromolecular Brushes by Combination of Ring-Opening and Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization. Synthesis, Self-Assembly, Thermodynamics, and Dynamics

    C. Nikovia, L. Theodoridis, S. Alexandris, P. Bilalis, N. Hadjichristidis, G. Floudas, M. Pitsikalis

    Macromolecules, 51, 8940 (2018)
Macromolecular Brushes, Ring-Opening Polymerization, Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization, Self-Assembly
  • ​Poly(sarcosine)-Based Nano-Objects with Multi-Protease Resistance by Aqueous Photoinitiated Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly (Photo-PISA)

    S. Varlas, P.G. Grigoriou, P. Bilalis, J.R. Jones, N. Hadjichristidis, R.K. O’Reilly

    Biomacromolecules, 19, 4453 (2018)
Poly(sarcosine), Nano-Objects, Multi-Protease Resistance, Photoinitiated Polymerization, Self-Assembly
  • ​Self-Assembled Membranes with Featherlike and Lamellar Morphologies Containing alpha-Helical Polypeptides

    B. Sutisna, P. Bilalis, V. Musteata, D.M. Smilgies, K.V. Peinemann, N. Hadjichristidis, S.P. Nunez

    Macromolecules, 51, 8174 (2018)
Self-assembly, α‑Helical Polypeptides, featherlike and lamellar morphologies, membranes
  • ​Well-Defined Non-Linear Polyethylene-Based Macromolecular Architectures

    R. Alshumrani, N. Hadjichristidis

    J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Chem., 56, 2129 (2018)
DSC; FT-IR; H-type block copolymers; high temper- ature-GPC; miktoarm star; NMR; polycaprolactones; polyethyl- ene; polyhomologation; ring opening polymerization; TGA
  • ​A Novel Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-Based 4 Miktoarm Star Terpolymer: Synthesis and Self-Assembly

    Y. Patil, P. Bilalis, G. Polymeropoulos, S. Almahdali, N. Hadjichristidis, V. Rodionov

    Mol. Pharmaceutics, 15, 3005 (2018)
Poly(vinylidene fluoride), miktoarm star polymer, iodine transfer polymerization, CuAAC, self-assembly
  • ​Conjugated Polymers as a New Class of Dual-Mode Matrices for MALDI Mass Spectrometry and Imaging

    K. Horatz, M. Giampà, Y. Karpov, K. Sahre, H. Bednarz, A. Kiriy, B. Voit, K. Niehaus, N. Hadjichristidis, D. L. Michels, F. Lissel

    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 140, 11416–11423, (2018)
Conjugated Polymer, MALDI Mass Spectrometry, Dual-Mode Matrices, Tissue morphology
  • ​Functionalized Nanochannels from Self‐Assembled and Photomodified Poly(Styrene‐b‐Butadiene‐b‐Styrene)

    B. Sutisna, G. Polymeropoulos, V. Musteata, R. Sougrat, D‐M. Smilgies, K‐V. Peinemann, N. Hadjichristidis, S. P. Nunes

    Small 14 , 1701885, (2018)
Nanochannels, Self-Assembly, Photomodified, Block copolymers
  • Self-assembly of polystyrene-b-poly(2-vinylpyridine)-b-poly(ethylene oxide) triblock terpolymers

    V. Musteata, B. Sutisna, G. Polymeropoulos, A. Avgeropoulosc, F. Meneau, K-V. Peinemann, N. Hadjichristidis, S. P. Nunes

    European Polymer Journal 100, 121-131, (2018)
Block-copolymers, Saxs, Rheology, Self-assembly, Electron microscopy
  • ​Temperature and pH-Dual Responsive AIE-Active Core Crosslinked Polyethylene–Poly(methacrylic acid) Multimiktoarm Star Copolymers
    Z. Zhang, N. Hadjichristidis
    ACS Macro Lett., 7, 886–891, (2018)
Dual Responsive AIE, Crosslinked Polyethylene − Poly(methacrylic acid), Multimiktoarm Star, Water-in-oil emulsions
  • ​An Efficient and General Strategy toward the Synthesis of Polyethylene-Based Cyclic Polymers
    Y. Jiang, Z. Zhang, D. Wang, N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules 51, 3193, (2018)
Polyethylene, Cyclic Polymers, Hydro- boration, Polyhomologation
  • CO2 as versatile carbonation agent of glycosides: Synthesis of 5- and 6-membered cyclic glycocarbonates and investigation of their ring-opening
    D. Pati, X. Feng, N. Hadjichristidis, Y. Gnanou

    Journal of CO₂ Utilization 24, 564, (2018)
Glycoside, Carbon dioxide, Cyclic carbonate, Polyglycocarbonate, Glycoconjugate
  • Block Copolymers of Macrolactones/Small Lactones by a “Catalyst-Switch” Organocatalytic Strategy. Thermal Properties and Phase Behavior
    V. Ladelta, J.D. Kim, P. Bilalis, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules 51, 2428, (2018)
Block Copolymer, Macrolactones/Small Lactone, Catalyst- Switch, Phase Behavior
  • Boron “stitching” reaction: a powerful tool for the synthesis of polyethylene-based star architectures
    G. Zapsas, K. Ntetsikas, J. Kim, P. Bilalis, Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem., 19, 1061 (2018)
Polyhomologation, stitching reaction, polyethylene, star architectures
  • ​Polymersomes with asymmetric membranes and self-assembled superstructures using pentablock quintopolymers resolved by electron tomography
    J. S. Haataja, N. Houbenov, V. Aseyev, P. Fragouli, H. Iatrou, R. Sougrat,d N. Hadjichristidis and O. Ikkala 
    Chem. Commun.,  54, 1085, (2018)
Polymersomes, self-assembly, pentablock, membranes
  • ​How the Complex Interplay between Different Blocks Determines the Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Triple-Crystalline PEO‑b‑PCL‑b‑PLLA Triblock Terpolymers
    J. K. Palacios, J. Zhao, N. Hadjichristidis, and A. J. Müller
    Macromolecules, 50, 9683, (2017)
Crystalline materials, terpolymers, DSC
  • ​Renewable aromatics from the degradation of polystyrene under mild conditions
    N. Aljabri, Z. Lai, N. Hadjichristidis, K-W. Huang
    Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, 21, 983–989, (2017)
Polystyrene, Catalytic degradation, Bimetallic
  • ​Anionic Polymerization of Styrene and 1,3-Butadiene in the Presence of Phosphazene Superbases
    K. Ntetsikas, Y. Alzahrany, G. Polymeropoulos, P. Bilalis, Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Polymers , 9, 538, (2017)
Anionic Polymerization, Phosphazene Superbases, Kinetic Study
  • ​Revealing the Cytotoxicity of Residues of Phosphazene Catalysts Used for the Synthesis of Poly(ethylene oxide)
    Y. Xia, J. Shen, H. Alamri, N. Hadjichristidis, J. Zhao, Y. Wang and G. Zhang
    Biomacromolecules, 18, 3233−3237, (2017)
Phosphazene Bases, Poly(ethylene oxide), Cytotoxicity
  • ​Trilayered Morphology of an ABC Triple Crystalline Triblock Terpolymer
    J. K. Palacios, A. Tercjak, G. Liu, D. Wang, J. Zhao, N. Hadjichristidis and A. J. Müller
    Macromolecules, 50, 7268−7281, (2017)
Crystallined triblock terpolymer, trilayer morphology, DSC, SAXS, AFM
  • ​Well-defined triblock copolymers of polyethylene with polycaprolactone or polystyrene using a novel difunctional polyhomologation initiator
    R. A. Alshumrani and N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem., 8, 5427-5432, (2017)
Polyhomologation, Polyethylene-based materials, Polycaprolactone
  • ​A New Role for CO2: Controlling Agent of the Anionic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters
    J. K. Varghese, T. P. Gonçalves, K-W Huang, N. Hadjichristidis, Y. Gnanou and X. Feng
    Macromolecules, 50, 6752−6761, (2017)
Carbon dioxide, ring opening polymerization, cyclic esters
  • ​Poly(urethane−carbonate)s from Carbon Dioxide
    Z. Chen, N. Hadjichristidis, X. Feng,Y. Gnanou
    Macromolecules ,50, 2320−2328, (2017)
Polycarbonates, carbon dioxide, Polyurethanes
  • ​Core Cross-Linked Multiarm Star Polymers with Aggregation-Induced Emission and Temperature Responsive Fluorescence Characteristics
    Z. Zhang, P. Bilalis, H. Zhang,Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, 50, 4217−4226, (2017)
Core cross-linked star polymer, aggregation-induced emission, Fluorescence
  • ​Understanding Effect of Constraint Release Environment on End-to-End Vector Relaxation of Linear Polymer Chains
    M. E. Shivokhin, D. J. Read, D. Kouloumasis, R. Kocen, F. Zhuge, C. Bailly, N. Hadjichristidis and A. E. Likhtman
    Macromolecules, 50, 4501−4523, (2017)
slip-string model,tpological constrains, long linear chains
  • ​Investigations on the Phase Diagram and Interaction Parameter of Poly(styrene‑b‑1,3-cyclohexadiene) Copolymers
    K. Misichronis, J. Chen, A. Imel, R. Kumar, J. Thostenson, K. Hong, M. Dadmun, B. G. Sumpter, J. G. Kennemur, N. Hadjichristidis, J.W. Mays and A. Avgeropoulos
    Macromolecules, 50, 2354−2363, (2017)
Phase diagram, Polycyclohexadiene, TEM, SAXS
  • ​Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, and Amphiphilic Polyglycocarbonates with Linear and Macrocyclic Architectures from Bicyclic Glycocarbonates Derived from CO2 and Glucoside
    D. Pati, X. Feng, N. Hadjichristidis, Y. Gnanou
    Macromolecules, 50, 1362−1370, (2017)
Polyglycocarbonates, Ring Opening Polymerization, CO2
  • ​pH-Sensitive amphiphilic block-copolymers for transport and controlled release of oxygen
    Y. Patil, S. Almahdali, K. B. Vu, G. Zapsas, N. Hadjichristidis and V. O. Rodionov
    Polym. Chem. 8, 4322, (2017)
pH sensitive copolymers, oxygen release, fluorocarbons
  • ​50th Anniversary Perspective: Polymers with Complex Architectures
    G. Polymeropoulos, G. Zapsas, K. Ntetsikas, P. Bilalis, Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, 50, 1253, (2017)
Complex macromolecular architectures, Anionic Polymerization
  • C1 polymerization: a unique tool towards polyethylene-based complex macromolecular architectures
    D. Wang , Z. Zhang and N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem., 8, 4062, (2017)
Polyhomologation, organoborane initiators,
  • ​Polyethylene-Based Tadpole Copolymers
    N. Alkayal, Z. Zhang, P. Bilalis, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromol. Chem. Phys. 1600568, (2017)
Atom transfer radical olymerizatin, Glaser coupling reaction, polyhomologation, tadpole copolymer
  • ​Synthesis of polyglycocarbonates through polycondensation of glucopyranosides with CO2
    D. Pati, Z. Chen, X.  Feng, N. Hadjichristidis, Y. Gnanou
    Polym. Chem., 8, 2640, (2017)
Polyglycocarbonates, polycondensation, CO2
  • ​Allyl borates: a novel class of polyhomologation initiators
    D. Wang, N.Hadjichristidis
    Chem. Commun., 53, 1196, (2017)
Allyl borates, Polyhomologation, Polymethylenes
  • ​Ring-opening polymerization of ω-pentadecalactone catalyzed by phosphazene superbases
    V. Ladelta, P. Bilalis, Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem. 8, 511, (2017)
Ring opening polymerization, phosphazene super bases, ω-pentadecalactone
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  • ​Self-assembly behavior of well-defined polymethylene-block-poly(ethylene glycol) copolymers in aqueous solution
    N. Alkayal, G. Zapsas, P. Bilalis, N. Hadjichristidis
    Polymer, 107, 415, (2016)
Block Copolymer, Polyethylene, Polyhomologation, Self-assembly
  • Well-Defined Cyclic Triblock Terpolymers: A Missing Piece of the Morphology Puzzle
    G. Polymeropoulos, P. Bilalis and N. Hadjichristidis
    ACS Macro Lett. 5, 1242, (2016)
Cyclic, Triblock Terpolymers, Glaser Coupling Reaction
  • ​Metal-Free Alternating Copolymerization of CO2 with Epoxides: Fulfilling “Green” Synthesis and Activity
    D. Zhang, S. K. Boopathi, N. Hadjichristidis, Y. Gnanou, and X. Feng.
    JACS, 138, 11117, (2016)
Polycarbnates, Metal-free Copolymerization, Cyclohexene oxide
  • Branch Point Withdrawal in Elongational Startup Flow by Time-Resolved Small Angle Neutron Scattering
    N. Ruocco, D. Auhl, C. Bailly, P. Lindner, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen, A. Wischnewski, L. G. Leal, N. Hadjichristidis and D. Richter
    Macromolecules, 49,4330, (2016)
Polyisoprene, Small Angle Neutron Scattering, Dendritic Polymers
  • ​Artificial Membranes with Selective Nanochannels for Protein Transport
    B. Sutisna, G. Polymeropoulos, E. Mygiakis, V Musteata, K.V. Peinemann, D.M. Smilgies, N. Hadjichristidis, S.P. Nunes
    Polym. Chem. 7, 6189, (2016)
Membranes, Nanochannles, Protein Transport, Block Copolymers
  • ​Quantification of interaction and topological parameters of polyisoprene star polymers under good solvent conditions
    D. Rai, G. Beaucage, K. Ratkanthwar, P. Beaucage, R. Ramachandran and N. Hadjichristidis
    PHYSICAL REVIEW E 93, 052501 (2016)
Branched Fractal Structures, Star Polymer, Topological Parameters
  • ​Synthesis, Characterization and Self-Assembly of Well-Defined Linear Heptablock Quaterpolymers
    C. Ntaras, G. Polymeropoulos, G. Zapsas, K. Ntetsikas, G. Liontos, A. Karanastasis, D. Moschovas, S. Rangou, C.S Sloan, N. Hadjichristidis, E. L. Thomas, A. Avgeropoulos.
    J. Pol. Scince, Part B: 54, 1443, (2016)
Anionic polymerization, Chlorosilane chemistry, Hydrosilylation, Miscibility, Self-assembly
  • Viscoelasticity and nonlinear simple shear flow behavior of an entangled asymmetric exact comb polymer solution

    F. Snijkers, K. M. Kirkwood, D. Vlassopoulos, L. G. Leal, N. Hadjichristidis, S. Coppola

    J. Rheol. 60(3), 451, (2016)

Polubutadiene, Shear Flows, Linear Viscoelasticity
  • ​Synthesis of Well-Defined Polyethylene-Based 3‑Miktoarm Star Copolymers and Terpolymers
    Z. Zhang, M. Altaher, H. Zhang, D. Wang, N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, 49, 2630, (2016)
Cycilc Hydroboration, PE-based miktoarm stars, Polyhomologation
  • ​Lithium-Assisted Copolymerization of CO2/Cyclohexene Oxide: A Novel and Straightforward Route to Polycarbonates and Related Block Copolymers
    D. Zhang, H. Zhang, N. Hadjichristidis, Y. Gnanou, X. Feng
    Macromolecules,49, 2484, (2016)
Polycarbonates, Block copolymer, Triisobutylaluminum
  • ​Diblock Copolymers of Polystyrene-b-Poly(1,3-cyclohexadiene) Exhibiting Unique Three-Phase Microdomain Morphologies

    K. Misichronis, J. Chen, J. Kahk, A. Imel, M. Dadmun, K. Hong, N. Hadjichristidis, J. Mays, A. Avgeropoulos

    J. Pol. Science, Part B: 54, 1564, (2016)

anionic polymerization; diblock copolymers; differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); TEM; SAXS
  • ​Boron-Catalyzed C3-Polymerization of ω‑2-Methyl Allylarsonium Ylide and Its C3/C1 Copolymers with Dimethylsulfoxonium Methylide
    D. Wang, Z. Zhang, N. Hadjichristidis
    ACS Macro Lett., 5, 387, (2016)
ω-2-Methyl Allylarsonium Ylide, C3/C1 Polymerization, Methylide
  • ​Well-Defined Bilayered Molecular Cobrushes with Internal Polyethylene Blocks and ω‑Hydroxyl-Functionalized Polyethylene Homobrushes
    H. Zhang, N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, 49, 1590, (2016)
Polyethylene, Cobrushes, Hydroboration, Polyhomologation
  • ​Well-defined 4-arm stars with hydroxy-terminated polyethylene, polyethylene-b-polycaprolactoneand polyethylene-b-(polymethyl methacrylate)2 arms
    Z. Zhang, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem, 7, 5507, (2016)
Polyethylene, Star Polymer, Atom Trasnfer Radical Polymerization, Ring Opening Polymerization
  • ​Cs2CO3-promoted polycondensation of CO2 with diols and dihalides for the synthesis of miscellaneous polycarbonates
    Z. Chen, N. Hadjichristidis, X. Feng Y. Gnanou
    Polym. Chem., 7, 4944, (2016)
Polycarbonates, Polycondensation, Diols, Dihalides
  • ​Design of block copolymer membranes using segregation strength trend lines
    B. Sutisna, G. Polymeropoulos, V. Musteata, K-V Peinemann, A.  Avgeropoulos, D-M. Smilgies, N. Hadjichristidis, S. P. Nunes
    Mol. Syst. Des. Eng., 1, 278, (2016)
Block Copolymer Membranes, Porosity, Trend Lines
  • ​One-pot synthesis of well-defined polyether/polyester block copolymers and terpolymersby a highly efficient catalyst switch approach
    H. Alamri, N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem.,7, 3225, (2016)
One-pot synthesis, Block copolymers, Terpolymers, Ring Opening Polymerization
  • ​Well-defined polyethylene-based graft terpolymers by combining nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization, polyhomologation and azide/alkyne “click” chemistry
    N. Alkayal, H. Durmaz, U. Tunca, N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem., 7, 2986, (2016)
Polyhomologation, Nitroxide Mediate Polymerization, Graft Polymers
  • Ring opening metathesis polymerization of cyclopentene using a ruthenium catalyst confined by a branched polymer architecture

    C. Mugemana, K. Bukhryakov, O. Bertrand, K. Vu, J-F Gohy, N. Hadjichristidis, V. Rodionov

    Polym. Chem., 7, 2923, (2016)

Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization, Branched Architectures, Cyclopenene
  • ​Well-defined (co)polypeptides bearing pendant alkyne groups
    W. Zhao, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem., 7,3487, (2016)
Polypeptides, Ring Opening Poymerization, AB Triblock, AB Star Diblock Copolymer, Linear and star Random Copolypeptides
  • ​Sequential crystallization and morphology of triple crystalline biodegradable PEO-b-PCL-b-PLLA triblock terpolymers
    J. Palacios, A. Mugica, M. Zubitur,b A. Iturrospe, A. Arbe, G. Liu,d D. Wang,d J.P Zhao, N. Hadjichristidis, A.J. Muller
    RSC. Advances, 6, 4739, (2016)
Sequential Crystallization, Triblock Terpolymer,
  • ​Living cationic polymerization and polyhomologation: an ideal combination tosynthesize functionalized polyethylene–polyisobutylene block copolyme
    H. Zhang, S. Banerjee, R. Faust, N. Hadjichristidis
    Polymer Chemistry, 7, 1217–1220, (2016)
Polyhomologation, Cationic Polymerization
  • Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Triblock Terpolymers with Complex Macromolecular Architecture
    G.Polymeropoulos, G. Zapsas, N. Hadjichristidis, A. Avgeropoulos 
    ACS Macro Lett. 4, 1392−1397, (2015)
Self-assembly, Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization, Anionic polymerization, Dynamic Light Scattering
  • ​Polymerization of 5-alkyl delta-lactones catalyzed by diphenyl phosphate and their sequential organocatalytic polymerization with monosubstituted epoxides 
    Z. Junpeng, N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem. 6, 2659, (2015)                                                             

Ring-opening polymerization (ROP) reactions of three renewable 5-alkyl delta-lactones,namely delta-hexalactone
  • Determination of the interaction parameter and topological scaling features of symmetric star polymers in dilute solution
    Durgesh K. Rai, Gregory Beaucage, Kedar Ratkanthwar, Peter Beaucage, Ramnath Ramachandran, Nikos Hadjichristidis
    Phys. Rev. E 92, (2015)
Star polymers provide model architectures to understand the dynamic and rheological effects of chain confinement for a range of complex topological structures like branched polymers, colloids, and micelles
  • ​Determination of the interaction parameter and topological scaling features of symmetric star polymers in dilute solution
    Durgesh K. Rai, Gregory Beaucage, Kedar Ratkanthwar, Peter Beaucage, Ramnath Ramachandran, and Nikos Hadjichristidis
    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.92.012602
  • ​Well-defined polymethylene-based block co/terpolymers by combining anthracene/maleimide diels–alder reaction with
    Nazeeha Alkayala and Nikos Hadjichristidis*
    Polym. Chem. 2015, 6, 4921
A novel strategy towards well-defined polymethylene-based co/terpolymers
  • Organocatalysis by hydrogen-bonding: a new approach to controlled/living polymerization of
    α-amino acid N-carboxyanhydrides
    Wei Zhao, Yves Gnanou and Nikos Hadjichristidis*
    Polym. Chem., 2015, 6, 6139
Based on hydrogen-bonding organocatalysis
  • Well-Defined Polyethylene-Based Random, Block, and Bilayered Molecular Cobrushes

    Hefeng Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Yves Gnanou and Nikos Hadjichristidis*

    Macromolecules 2015, 48, 3556
Novel well-defined polyethylene-based random
  • Polyhomologation based on in situ generated Boron-thexyl-silaboracyclic initiating sites: a novel strategy towards the synthesis of polyethylene-based complex architectures
    Z. Zhang, H. Zhang, Y. Gnanoua, N. Hadjichristidis
    Chem. Commun., 2015,51, 9936
Boron-thexyl-silaboracyclic initiating sites, Polyethylene-based complex architectures
  • Fast and living ring-opening polymerization of α-Amino acid N-carboxyanhydrides triggered by an “alliance” of primary and secondary amines at room temperature
    W. Zhao, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis
    Biomacromolecules, 2015,16 ,1352
Ring-Opening Polymerization, α-Amino Acid N-Carboxyanhydrides
  • From competition to cooperation: a highly efficient strategy towards well-defined (co)polypeptides
    W. Zhao, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis
    Chem. Commun., 2015,51, 3663
Acid anhydride, Amine, Ethylenediamine, Monomer, Polypeptide, Tertiary amine
  • Triblock and pentablock terpolymers by sequential base-assisted living cationic copolymerization of functionalized vinyl ethers
    H. Bouchekif,  A.I. Sulhami,   R.D. Alghamdi,   Y. Gnanou and   N. Hadjichristidis
    Polym. Chem., 2015, 6, 1236
Acetic acid, Aluminum, Block copolymers, Copolymers, Dichloromethane, Differential scanning calorimetry, Ethers, Ethylene, Ethylene glycol, Gelation, Hexane, Homopolymerization
  • Molecular rheology of branched polymers: decoding and exploring the role of architectural dispersity through a synergy of anionic synthesis, interaction chromatography, rheometry and modeling
    E. van Ruymbeke, H. Lee, T. Chang, A. Nikopoulou, N. Hadjichristidis, F. Snijkers and D. Vlassopoulos
    Soft Matter, Volume 10, Issue 27, Pages 4762-4777, (2014)​
Characterization, Chromatography, Elasticity, Molecular structure, Statistical mechanics
  • Understanding constraint release in star/linear polymer blends
    M.E. Shivokhin, E.V. Ruymbeke, C. Bailly, D. Kouloumasis, N. Hadjichristidis, A.E. Likhtman
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Chains, Stars, Stochastic models, Stress relaxation, Analytical equations, Constraint release, Friction coefficients, Relaxation dynamics, Relaxation functions, Relaxation mechanism, Relaxation zone, Topological constraints
  • ​ Sequential polymerization of ethylene oxide, ε-caprolactone and L-lactide: a one-pot metal-free route to tri- and pentablock terpolymers
    J. Zhao, D. Pahovnik, Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Polymer Chemistry, Volume 5, Issue 12, Pages 3750-3753, (2014)​
Polymerization, 3 phenyl 1 propanols, Caprolactone, Ethylene oxides, L-lactide, One pot, Phosphazene base, Sequential polymerization, Triblocks
  • A "catalyst switch" strategy for the sequential metal-free polymerization of epoxides and cyclic esters/carbonate
    J. Zhao, D. Pahovnik, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, Volume 47, Issue 12, Pages 3814-3822, (2014) ​
Block copolymers, Catalysts, Esters, Ethers, Cyclic carbonates, Ethylene oxides, Metal-free synthesis, Organic catalysts, Phosphazene base, Polyether chains, Sequential polymerization, Trimethylene carbonate
  • Phosphazene-​catalyzed ring-​opening polymerization of ε-​caprolactone: influence of solvents and initiators
    H. Alamri, J. Zhao, D. Pahovnik, N. Hadjichristidis
    Polymer Chemistry, Volume 5, Issue 18, Pages 5471-5478, (2014)
Catalysis, Dichloromethane, Organic polymers, Organic solvents, Solvents, Different solvents, Fast polymerization, Phosphazene base, Polymerization rates, Primary alcohols, Room temperature, Secondary alcohols, Tetra-hydrofuran
  • ​Well-​defined polyethylene molecular brushes by polyhomologation and ring opening metathesis polymerization
    H. Zhang, Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Polymer Chemistry, 5, 6431-6434, (2014)
  • One-pot synthesis of linear- and three-arm star-tetrablock quarterpolymers via sequential metal-free ring-opening polymerization using a "catalyst switch" strategy
    J. Zhao, D. Pahovnik, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis
    Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry, (2014)
Block copolymers, Heterocyclic monomers, Organic catalysts, Ring-opening polymerization, Sequential polymerization, Star polymers
  • Sequence-controlled copolymers of 1,2,3,4,5-pentafluorostyrene: mechanistic insight and application to organocatalysis
    J.-P. O'Shea, V. Solovyeva, X. Guo, J. Zhao, N. Hadjichristidis and V. O. Rodionov
    Polymer Chemistry, Volume 5, Issue 3, Pages 698-701, (2014)
2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6-pentafluorostyrene, Alternating copolymer, Azide-alkyne cycloaddition, Conventional free-radical polymerization, Hetero-nuclear multiple bond correlations, Monomer reactivity ratios, Organocatalysis, Polymerization initiators
  • Phosphazene-promoted metal-free ring-opening polymerization of ethylene oxide initiated by carboxylic acid
    J. Zhao, D. Pahovnik, Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, Volume 47, Issue 5, Pages 1693-1698, (2014)
Anionic ring opening polymerization, Biomolecular engineering, Chain growth, Ethylene oxides, Induction periods, Kinetic study, Phosphazene base, Poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO)
  • Phosphazene-promoted anionic polymerization
    J. Zhao, N. Hadjichristidis, Y. Gnanou
    Polimery/Polymers, Volume 59, Issue 1, Pages 49-59, (2014)
Functionalized polymers, Macromolecular architecture, Macromolecular engineering, Metal-free polymerization techniques, Nucleophilicities, Phosphazene base, Phosphazene basis, Situ activation
  • Polymethylene-based copolymers by polyhomologation or by Its combination with controlled/living and living polymerizations
    H. Zhang, N. Alkayal, Y. Gnanou and N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications, Volume 35, Issue 4, Pages 378-390, (2014)
Controlled/living and living polymerizations, Polyhomologation, Polymethylene-based copolymers
  • Viscosity of Ring Polymer Melts
    R.Pasquino, C. Vasilakopoulos, Y.C. Jeong, H. Lee, S. Rogers, G. Sakellariou, J. Allgaier, A. Takano, A. R. Brás, T.  Chang, S. Gooßen, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen, A. Wischnewski, Nikos Hadjichristidis, D. Richter, M. Rubinstein, D. Vlassopoulos
    ACS Macro Lett. 2013, 2, 874−878​​​​​
Linear Rheolodgy, Polyisoprene, Polystyrene, Polyethylenoxides,
  • Start-up and relaxation of well-characterized comb polymers in simple shear
    F. Snijkers, D. Vlassopoulos, H. Lee, J. Yang, T. Chang, P. Driva, and N. Hadjichristidis
    Journal of Rheology, Volume 57, Issue 4, Pages 1079-1100, (2013)
Comb polymers, Cone partitioned-plate, Entanglements, Shear flow, Start-up stress, Stress relaxation
  • ​Uniaxial extensional rheology of well-characterized comb polymers
    H. Lentzakis, D. Vlassopoulos, D.J. Read, H. Lee, T. Chang, P. Driva and N. Hadjichristidis
    Journal of Rheology, Volume 57, Issue 2, Pages 605-625, (2013)
Comb polymer, Dynamic dilution, Strain hardening, Stretch time, Uniaxial extension
  • Viscosity of ring polymer melts
    R. Pasquino, T.C. Vasilakopoulos, Y.C. Jeong, H. Lee, S. Rogers, G. Sakellariou,  J. Allgaier, A. Takano, A.R. Bras, T. Chang, S. Goossen, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen, A. Wischnewski, N. Hadjichristidis, D. Richter, M. Rubinstein, D. Vlassopoulos
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Ring polymer melts
  • Microscopic relaxation processes in branched-linear polymer blends by rheo-SANS
    N. Ruocco, L. Dahbi, P. Driva, N. Hadjichristidis, J. Allgaier, A. Radulescu, M. Sharp, P. Lindner, E. Straube, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen, D. Richter
    Macromolecules, Volume 46, Issue 22, Pages 9122-9133, (2013)
Dynamic dilution, Equilibration time, Macroscopic flow, Random phase approximations, Relaxation time spectrum, Scattering data, Second generation, Sensitive probe
  • Synthesis and characterization of well-defined regular star polyisoprenes with 3, 4, 6 and 8 arms
    K.R. Ratkanthwar, N. Hadjichristidis, P. Zubaidha
    Chemistry Journal, Volume 3 Issue 3, (2013)
High vacuum techniques, Star-branched polymers, Star polyisoprene, SEC
  • Anionic polymerization and polyhomologation: an ideal combination to synthesize polyethylene-based block copolymers
    H. Zhang, N. Alkayal, Y. Gnanou, N. Hadjichristidis 
    Chemical Communications, Volume 49, Issue 79, Pages 8952-8954, (2013)
Copolymer, Polyethylene derivative
  • Synthesis and characterization of an exact comb polyisoprene with three branches having the middle branch twice the molecular weight of the other two identical external branches
    K. Ratkanthwar, N. Hadjichristidis, S., T. Chang, Z. Pudukulathan, D. Vlassopoulos
    Polymer Chemistry, Volume 4, Issue 23, Pages 5645-5655, (2013)
Anionic site, Chlorosilanes, Double bonds, High vacuum, Synthesis and characterizations, Synthetic approach, Temperature gradient interaction chromatography, Three-branch
  • ​Influence of (1,3-phenylene)bis(3-methyl-1-phenyl pentylidene)dilithium initiator concentration on the modality of polybutadiene
    T.C. Vasilakopoulos and N. Hadjichristidis
    Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry, Volume 51, Issue 4, Pages 824-835, (2013)
Anionic polymerization, bimodality, Ddilithium initiator concentration, Gel permeation chromatography (GPC), High vacuum techniques, Lithium s-butoxide, Polybutadiene
  • Morphologies of ABC triblock terpolymer melts containing poly(cyclohexadiene): effects of conformational asymmetry
    R. Kumar , S.W. Sides , M. Goswami , B.G. Sumpter, K. Hong , X. Wu, T.P. Russell, S.P. Gido , K. Misichronis, S. Rangou, A. Avgeropoulos, T. Tsoukatos, N. Hadjichristidis, F.L. Beyer and J.W. Mays
    Langmuir, Volume 29, Issue 6, Pages 1995-2006, (2013)
ABC triblock, Cyclohexadienes, Group contribution method, Poly (1 , 3cyclohexadiene), Repulsive interactions, Self-consistent-field theory, Small angle X-ray scattering, Solubility parameters, Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Triblock terpolymers
  • Viscoelasticity, nonlinear shear start-up, and relaxation of entangled star polymers
    F. Snijkers, K. Ratkanthwar, D. Vlassopoulos and N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, Volume 46, Issue 14, Pages 5702-5713, (2013)
Convective constraint release, Entangled polymers, Entangled star polymers, Experimental errors, Linear relaxations, Linear viscoelastic, Steady shear viscosity, Weissenberg number
  • A facile metal-free grafting-from route from acrylamide-based substrate toward complex macromolecular combs
    J. Zhao, H. Alamri and N. Hadjichristidis
    Chemical Communications, Volume 49, Issue 63, Pages 7079-7081, (2013)
1,2 epoxybutane, Acetic Acid, Acrylamide, Amide, Carbonic acid derivative, Copolymer, Cyclopropane derivative, Epoxide, Ester, Ether, Ethylene oxide, Hydroxyl group, Lactam, Macrogol, Metal, Methacrylic acid, Monomer, Nitroxide, Oxide, Polyacrylamide
  • Double smectic self-assembly in block copolypeptide complexes
    J.S. Haataja, N. Houbenov, H. Iatrou, N. Hadjichristidis, A. Karatzas, C.F.J. Faul, P. Rannou, O. Ikkala
    Biomacromolecules, Volume 13, Issue 11, Pages 3572-3580, (2012)
Alkyl chain, Alternating layers, Amino residue, Block co-polypeptide, Design blocks, Di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphate, L-glutamate, l-Lysine, Length scale, Molecular packings, Polymeric scaffold, Rod-coil, Smectic layers
  • Utility of chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques for a detailed characterization of poly(styrene‑b‑isoprene) miktoarm star copolymers with complex architecture
    T.L. Smigovec, K. Rebolj, D. Pahovnik, N. Hadjichristidis, M. Zigon, and E. Zagar
    Macromolecules, Volume 45, Issue 18, Pages 7574-7582, (2012)
Characterization techniques, Chemical compositions, Chlorosilanes, Complex architectures, MALDI TOF MS, Miktoarm star copolymers, Multidetection, Number of arms, Proton NMR spectroscopy, Reversed phase, Separation and identification, Separation techniques
  • ​Ring opening metathesis polymerization of norbornene and derivatives by the triply bonded ditungsten complex Na[W2(μ-Cl)3Cl4(THF)2]·(THF)3
    G. Floros, N. Saragas, P. Paraskevopoulou, N. Psaroudakis, S. Koinis, M. Pitsikalis, N. Hadjichristidis and K. Mertis
    Polymers, Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 1658-1673, (2012)
Catalysis, Metal-metal bonds, Norbornenes, Romp, Tungsten
  • Quantification of branching in model three-arm star polyethylene
    R. Ramachandran, G. Beaucage, D.K. Rai, D.J. Lohse, T. Sun, A.H. Tsou, A. Norman and N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, Volume 45, Issue 2, Pages 1056-1061, (2012)
Branch contents, Branch length, Branched polyethylenes, Branched structures, Hyper-branch, Hyper-branched structures, Side branches, Structure property relationships
  • Side-chain-controlled self-assembly of polystyrene–polypeptide miktoarm star copolymers
    S. Junnila, N. Houbenov, A. Karatzas, N. Hadjichristidis, A. Hirao, H. Iatrou and O. Ikkala
    Macromolecules, Volume 45, Issue 6, Pages 2850-2856, (2012)
Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopies, l-Lysine hydrochloride, Length scale, Miktoarm star copolymers, Number of arms, Side-chains, Small- and wide-angle X-ray scatterings, Sodium dodecyl sulfonate, Supramolecular complexes
  • Crystallization behavior of PEO in blends of poly(ethylene oxide)/poly(2-vinyl pyridine)-b-(ethylene oxide) block copolymer
    E. Araneda, A. Leiva, L. Gargallo, N. Hadjichristidis, I. Mondragon, D. Radic
    Polymer Engineering and Science, Volume 52, Issue 5, Pages 1128-1136, (2012)
2-vinyl pyridine, AFM image, Amorphous phase, Crystallization behavior, Degradation temperatures, Ethylene oxides, Isothermal crystallization kinetics, Lamellar crystals, Molecular mobility, Polarized optical microscopy, Poly(2-vinyl pyridine)
  • Hierarchical structures in lamellar hydrogen bonded LC side chain diblock copolymers
    A.J. Soininen, I. Tanionou, N. ten Brummelhuis, H. Schlaad, N. Hadjichristidis, O. Ikkala, J. Raula, R. Mezzenga and J. Ruokolainen
    Macromolecules, Volume 45, Issue 17, Pages 7091-7097, (2012)
2-vinylpyridine, 4-vinylpyridine, Hierarchical structures, Lamellar morphology, Mesogenes, Microphase separated, Microphase-separated structure, Packing mechanisms, Polyvinylpyridine, Side-chains, Single layer, Smectic layers
  • ​Morphologies of poly(cyclohexadiene) diblock copolymers: Effect of conformational asymmetry
    J.W. Mays, R. Kumar, S.W. Sides, M. Goswami, B.G. Sumpter, K. Hong, X. Wu, T.P. Russell, S.P. Gido, A. Avgeropoulos, T. Tsoukatos, N. Hadjichristidis, F.L. Beyer
    Polymer (United Kingdom), Volume 53, Issue 22, Pages 5155-5162, (2012)
Morphology, Poly(cyclohexadiene), Block copolymer
  • High-strain-induced deformation mechanisms in block-graft and multigraft copolymers
    R. Schlegel, Y.X. Duan, R. Weidisch, S. Holzer, K. Schneider, M. Stamm, D. Uhrig, J.W. Mays, G. Heinrich and N. Hadjichristidis
    Macromolecules, Volume 44, Issue 23, Pages 9374-9383, (2011)
Block-graft copolymers, Deformation mechanism, High strains, Long range orders, matrix, Molecular architecture, Monotonic loading, Morphological parameters, Multigraft copolymers, Network chains, PI segment, Polymer chains, Reflection peaks