Polymer Synthesis Laboratory

The research of Professor Hadjichristidis focuses on the synthesis of well-defined polymeric materials with complex macromolecular architecture (star, comb, cyclic, dendritic ) by using anionic polymerization (AP) high vacuum techniques, as well as combinations of different polymerization methodologies (AP, ATRP, TEMPO, catalytic, etc)
These polymeric materials are very important and ideal for:
  • Checking theories. For example, de Gennes tube theory and hierarchical motion in branched polymers.
  • Understanding and improving the properties of industrial polymers. For example, low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene.
  • High-tech applications (nanolithography, high temperature membranes and drug delivery).
Also his research interest includes the synthesis of hybrids of polymers with polypeptides, CNTs, silica and Au nanoparticles by using surface initiating polymerization (anionic, ATRP, catalytic, etc) in order to overcome their inherent insolubility and make these materials more useful in nanotechnology applications.