Current Research Projects

  • Block copolymer membranes for selective water transport (e.g. charge-mosaic membranes).
  • Green Polymerization and Green Polymers (e.g. non-metal anionic polymerization in water).
  • Hydrophilic Functionalized Gels. Sea water-based sources in the dessert soil for growing plants.
  • Polymeric membranes for Fuel cells and batteries.
  • Synthesis of polymers with polydispersity index (PDI) equal to one (Biomimetic procedure).
  • Unusual polymeric materials (e.g. polyphenylmethylenes).
  • Multi-compartment micellar assemblies for catalysis (e.g. multiblock multicomponent polymers).
  • Well-defined polyolefins with complex macromolecular architectures (e.g. star-shaped polyethylenes).
  • Hybrids of polymers with CNTs, silica and Au nanoparticles using surface initiating polymerizations.