Polymer Synthesis Laboratory


The research of Prof. Hadjichristidis' polymer group focuses mainly on the synthesis of novel model homopolymers, copolymers with well-defined complex macromolecular architectures (star, comb, cyclic, dendritic, etc) by using anionic polymerization (AP) high vacuum techniques, as well as combinations of AP with other living and controlled/living polymerization methodologies (polyhomologation, ATRP, RAFT, NMP, Iodine Transfer Polymerization, ROP, ROMP, catalytic, etc).
These polymers are ideal models for checking the theory, understanding and improving the performance of industrial polymers (e.g., polyethylene, thermoplastic elastomers) and are potential candidates for high-tech applications (e.g., nanolithography, drug delivery, high-temperature membranes).
His research interests also include the synthesis of polycarbonates from carbon dioxide and epoxides using non-metallic catalysts, as well as of hybrids of polymers/biopolymers with CNTs, silica NPs by using surface initiating polymerization for advanced applications.