Research Scientist

George Zapsas, PhD (2015-2021)

Senior Lab Scientist, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Panagiotis Bilalis, PhD (2015-2019)

Research Scientist, BESE Division, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Yogesh Patil, PhD (2018-2019)

Research Scientist, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Postdoctoral Fellows

David Pahovnik, PhD (2013-2014)

Research Associate; National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia, Laboratory for Polymer Chemistry and Technology

De Wang, PhD (2014-2017)

Associate Professor in Ocean University of China, Qingdao

George Polymeropoulos, PhD (2015-2019)

Johnson and Johnson, Great Britain

Hefeng Zhang, PhD (2012-2015)

Professor of polymer science, College of Science, Shantou University, Shantou, China.

Junpeng Zhao, PhD (2012- 2014)

Professor; South China University of Technology

Kedar Ratkanthwar, PhD (2014)

Research Scientist; Avery Dennison (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Pibo Liu, PhD (2019-2020)

Postdoctoral fellow, Chinese Academy of Sciences (DICP), China

Qing Liu, Ph.D

Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of novel polymers, Synthesis of Graphdiyne and its analogue besed on alkyne coupling

Sandeep Sharma, PhD

Post-doctoral Fellow, Solar center, KAUST

Research Interests: Complex macromolecular architectures by living anionic polymerization, Cyclic polymers, Vitrimers

Tunc Deniz, PhD (2015-2016)

​Research Specialist; Hayat Kimya

Wei Zhao, PhD (2013-2016)

Associate Professor at Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

Xin Wang, Ph.D (​2018-2021)

Associate Professor, College of Chemistry, Soochow University, China

Yang Yu-Ying, Ph.D

Research Interests: Self-assembly of crystalline porous frameworks

Yu Jiang, PhD (2016-2019)

​Associate Professor, South-Central University for Nationalities, China

Zhen Zhang, PhD (2013-2017)

Associate Professor in Guangdong University of Technology

PhD Students

Ahlam Al-Sulami, (2012-2019)

​Assistant Professor, Jeddah University

Basma Ahmad Mahi

Research Interests: Polypetide synthesis, Biopolymer/Polypeptide Hybrid Materials

Fatimah M. Algarni

Research Interests: Radical polymerization

Haleema Alamri, (2012-2016)

Lab Scientist, Saudi Aramco

Nazeeha Alkayal, (2012-2016)

Assistant Professor, King Abdulaziz University (KAU)

Nedah S. Alkattan

Research Interests: Poly(2-oxazoline)s, Cationic ring-opening polymerization, Self-assembly

Reem Alghamdi

Research Interests: Cationic Polymerization

Reem Alshumrani, (2014-2019)

Scientist III at Tasnee

Yahya Alzahrany, (2013-2020)

Lecturer, Umm Al-Qura university

Masters Students

Abdulaziz Alsubhi, (2018-2020)

PhD student in KAUST

Albaraa M. Kamal

Research Interests: Aggregation induced immission polymers, Complex macromolecular architecture.

Maryam Altaher

Lab Scientist II: Saudi Aramco

Mram Alyami, (2014-2016)

PhD student in KAUST

Noor Albarbari

Research Interests: Nano-particles, Nano-sensor substrates, Polymer Science, hybrid materials

Norah A. Aljeban (2019-2020)

Lab Scientist, Saudi Aramco

Research Interests: Living and Controlled/Living Polymerizations