KAUST Research Conference: Polymers – Designing Macromolecules for Applications

24 January, 2017

KAUST Research Conference 2017

We are pleased to host the KAUST Research Conference: Polymers – Designing Macromolecules for Applications

Polymeric materials play an essential and ubiquitous role in nature, everyday life and industry. Therefore, the design/synthesis, processing and application of polymers constitute an important strategic research area worldwide. The conference will cover the most appealing topics in contemporary polymer sciences and technologies, including recent developments, trends and perspectives in Catalytic Polymerization and Polymer catalysis, Macromolecular Architecture and Characterization, Properties-Structure Relationships and High-Tech Applications (solar cells, membranes, biomaterials).

We hope that the conference and its achievements would be of interest to a wider audience.

On behalf of KCC and the Conference Organizing Committee, we welcome all our participants and hope for a productive and enjoyable stay at KAUST and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Nikos Hadjichristidis, Distinguished Professor, KCC and Conference Chair