63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting - Chemistry

30 June, 2013

​The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings – established in 1951 – provide globally recognized forums for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between Nobel Laureates and young researchers. They inspire scientific generations and build sustainable networks of young researchers from around the world. Following the regular alternation of scientific disciplines, the 2013 Lindau Meeting will focus on chemistry. The central topics will be Green Chemistry, chemical energy conversion and storage, as well as biochemical processes and structures.

This year’s meeting will be the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting and will be held in Lindau, Germany, from 30 June to 5 July 2013. 35 Nobel Laureates will congregate to meet the next generation of leading scientists and researchers. More than 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students from up to 80 countries have been selected to participate. One of the chosen participating students will be Dr. David Pahovnik, a postdoc fellow from Prof. Nikolaos Hadjichristidis group of Polymer Synthesis Laboratory at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.