ACS Meeting (Washington DC) and Exxon Mobil research center, (Clinton) in USA.

25 August, 2017

Prof. Hadjichristidis was invited to give the following talks:

1) Presentation title: Novel initiating/organocatalytic systems for the living ring-opening polymerization of α−amino acid N−carboxyanhydrides for the session of: Synthesis, Self-Assembly & Applications of Peptides and Polypeptides.

2) Presentation title: Click chemistry approaches to bio-inspired materials: Well-defined (co)polypeptides bearing pendant alkyne groups for the session of: Frontier of the Interface of Materials and Biology: Click Chemistry Approaches to Bio-Inspired Materials.

3) Presentation title: Polyhomologation and controlled/living polymerization techniques: A perfect partnership toward unique polyethylene-based architectures for the session of:  8th Symposium on Controlled Radical Polymer27th Augustization.Washington

Washington DC, August, 2017

30th August, 2017, Clinton 2017